Shaping businesses into brands.


The most successful businesses are not just businesses, they're brands. They connect with their customers emotionally, conveying the business' personality and promises, leading them to choose that business over another. Branding is about how your customers and potential customers see you. Are you a leader or follower? Are you daring or cautious? Are you friendly or aloof?


Without a brand, your real estate business will be treated like a commodity forcing you to compete solely on price. And no business wants to haggle about commissions or lose a customer over the cost of the marketing campaign they've just proposed. 


Becoming a strong brand however, runs much deeper than just your logo. It requires an understanding of your target customers, your competitors, your brand's personality, and your point of difference.  It sets the tone of your communications and influences the way you promote your business. A strong brand is an asset that can't be matched. 

New business

Taking the plunge and starting your own business in the real estate industry? We'll give you a head start.  We can help you develop a logo and identity package, identify your target market and align your business' brand to suit, advise on appropriate and cost-effective marketing materials and communications methods and implement them, and of course we always throw in some great marketing ideas along the way! 

Established business

Once you've been up and running a while, it's easy to let things slip. Marketing materials lose consistency, enthusiasm for regular communications with your target market starts to wane, marketing ideas grow stale and repetitive, and the representation of your brand - your most important asset - becomes seriously compromised. When you're busy, managing your real estate brand and your marketing communications can be overwhelming and many just simply feel like they don't know what to do.


We can help you objectively assess your businesses' current state and work with you to more clearly define or refresh your brand, reevaluate your communication methods, correct inconsistencies in your marketing messages, and develop some strategically-driven ideas and design concepts to improve the positioning of your brand and meet your wider marketing objectives. 

Agent branding

Your personal brand is the representation of you; your personality, your promises, your values, your strengths. For real estate agents, having a powerful personal brand is critical to opening up opportunities, growing your business, and being top-of-mind when someone's thinking of selling. Whether you need unique marketing materials to cut-through the clutter, help in defining your personal brand positioning, or some communications strategies to reach your farm area, we can assist. 


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