In real estate, content is king.

Modern consumers are increasingly media savvy and switching off to traditional marketing and advertising. Instead, they are seeking more transparent, valuable and engaging information from which to evaluate products and services and shape their understanding of the brand that sells them.  It is clear that marketing in today’s world is no longer about the business but about the consumer.


By providing relevant and regular content, you can satisfy their needs and in turn increase awareness of your brand, improve loyalty, generate word-of-mouth, and establish yourself as the undisputed expert.  And with more people online and spending large periods of time browsing and reading information and connecting with brands, it’s more important than ever to prioritise the creation of content to drive traffic to your online and offline channels.

Momentum Wealth publicity
Momentum Wealth publicity

Whether you need copy for your corporate brochures or promotional flyer, articles for your blog on the benefits of negative gearing or how supply affects capital growth potential, or a report on the state of the real estate market for your quarterly e-book, we've got you covered.


We also help business’s capitalise on opportunities for achieving editorial coverage, and can develop pieces to assist in positioning you or your business as a key opinion leader so as to be sought out proactively by the media for commentary.

Momentum Wealth publicity
Momentum Wealth publicity

Our Perth-based copywriters are passionate about real estate and can help you in providing this consumer focused information through our copywriting and content marketing services.

We have been writing real estate related content for many years, building a portfolio of hundreds of written pieces for a number of businesses. We have extensive knowledge of all aspects of the property industry including sales, wealth creation, taxation, finance, developing, property management and more. You won’t have to waste time educating us about a topic so that we can write it and even when you’re not sure what to write about, we can research and recommend suitable topics and ideas to meet your requirements.

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Our copywriting services are the perfect pairing with our design services - without this creative collaboration, the design may not work with the copy, or the copy may not work with the design.